What is the Subtle System?
The instrument of change.

A Diagram of the Subtle System Innocence Creativity Generosity Love and Compassion Collectivity Forgiveness Integration Inner Energy The Subtle System is the network of Energy Centers and channels through which your Inner Energy flows. Sahaja Meditation helps you learn to feel, understand and ultimately use, the Subtle System to achieve Self Realization. This process is all started by raising your Inner Energy. Starting in the sacrum at the base of your spine, the energy is raised through all the Energy Centers, opening, clearing and activating them. After the energy has combined in the final Energy Center at the crown of the head, it is released through the area where the fontanelle at the crown of the head used to be. At that time, you can actually "feel the energy within," in the form of a cool, or sometimes warm, breeze, on the palm of your hand.

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